ICONS - Cyber Security

ICONS (by Picca) design and implement Cyber Security solutions in IT/OT environments, we use Zero Trust Architecture and technologies to improve security in the Purdue model.

In a hybrid world, network can face many security challenges, to address this challenges, Picca introduce ICONS Cyber Security model which address security in Purdue model level 0-5 including cloud based extension.

ICONS Cyber Security consist of six steps that covers analyzing and document the protect surface, data/traffic flow, building strong policies, using technologies to always verify user and devices on network, monitor events in real-time of all entities and strong disaster recovery policy rules - not just on paper.       

ICONS customers become NIS2 ”certified” when onboarding.

ICONS Zero Trust Cyber Security Architecture:


Link to full description of ICONS Trust Cyber Security Architecture

Contact person: Morten Brok

Title: Business Development Manager IT Security OT/IoT

Phone: +45 29 79 36 85

Email: [email protected]




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